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SportsRep360 has everything you need to maximize reputational capital

In the modern sports economy, value is determined not just by performance, but by reputation.

Whether you’re an athlete, team, brand or other institution, you’ve got to cohesively boost your product, service, events or image— all while protecting against negative reputational risk in a world of subtle sensitivities and challening new terms of social engagement. You need a 360 degree view of marketing and public relations to effectively burnish positives and banish negatives.

With that in mind, PRCG | Sports, the sports marketing and public relations brand of PRCG | Haggerty LLC, has introduced SportsRep360. SportsRep360 brings together all the key reputational elements a sports brand, player, venue or team or other sports property needs to ensure the positives are promoted and negative reputational risk minimized.

These include:

  • Brand counseling and strategies to ensure your hitting your sweet spot in marketing positioning and strategy.
  • Continuous media and social media monitoring and analysis, to keep your finger on the pulse of the modern information economy. We use cutting-edge technology, including Meltwater, Critical Mention, Cision and others, then tailor and curate results to meet your individual nees.
  • A tailored, positive program of social media posts—including on Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, TikTok and others—creatively designed and carefully managed to bring new followers and enhance overall reputational efficiency.
  • Media exposure in both sports-related media outlets and in the broader entertainment and business media world.
  • 24/7 Reputational Risk management from a worldwide leader in crisis communications, risk mitigation, and the management other sensitive PR situations, using an innovative suite of software services, including PRCG’s prorprietary CrisisResponsePro Platform.

To learn more about PRCG | Sports, check out our latest video:

For more information on SportsRep360 and all our marketing and public relations activities, call Jim Rocco, Director of PRCG | Sports, at (212) 683-8100, or jrocco@prcg.com.